MRI Scan Leads to Discovery of Neuroplastic Interventions that’s Helping Thousands to Fully Recover from Anxiety!

Now, there’s real HOPE for anxiety sufferers thanks to a new discovery from a random MRI scan.

It’s called neuroplastic intervention.

And it’s completely different from CBT, hypnotherapy, herbal supplements, exposure therapy…

…or anything else that you might have seen before.

You see, neuroplastic interventions remove your anxiety by stopping certain signals to the brain that cause worry. 

It’s scientifically proven, works really fast and it’s the only method that’s permanent.

Best part of all, it doesn’t require surgery, medication, or hours of talking therapy!

You can also use neuroplastic interventions to permanently stop your panic attacks. 

And as you’ll see, it’s easy to implement and permanently removes your anxiety, for most people, in under 14 days.

And with neuroplastic interventions, you experience a normal and happy life, regardless of your anxiety disorder…

…including GAD, OCD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Social or Health Anxiety.

And neuroplastic interventions permanently remove your anxiety even if you are cynical.

Or just don’t believe that anything would ever work for you.

So, if you want a life permanently free from anxiety and fear…

…you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.


Let me tell you why so many celebrities, and thousands of other people from all over the world come to me to overcome their anxiety disorders.

My name is Lawrence Leyton and I’m an expert on anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias…

…and I’ve had many prime-time TV shows based around my unique techniques.

I have worked with many blue-chip organisations such as Microsoft, AstraZeneca, Vodafone, HSBC. 

And since 2012, I’ve been in a hugely successful partnership with easyJet, Europe’s leading airline…

…where I taught over 10,000 phobics how to overcome their anxiety of flying.

Neuroplastic Interventions are the Most Reliable Way to Eliminate Anxiety Forever!

Neuroplastic interventions allow you to take back control of your life…

…by stopping the false threats that cause your constant worry.

When the fear centre of your brain becomes hyperactive it creates intense anxiety.

For example:

When you are around large crowds.

Or when you meet new people.

Or when you have a minor pain somewhere in your body.

Or when you continuously check to see if the front door is locked.

But your hyperactive mind is caused by false threats

You see, the University College of London discovered during a random MRI brain scan…

…that the fear centre of your brain, which is called the amygdala, is hyperactive in anxiety sufferers. 

And when your amygdala is hyperactive…

…your brain sends you false signals to worry and hijacks your rational thinking.

But the good news is, they discovered

…that neuroplastic interventions can reroute your false threats so that:

You love being at a concert with large crowds.

You enjoy meeting new people.

You won’t worry about your minor aches and pains.

You have no need to recheck if your front door is locked.

And you feel profound relief that these sorts of things no longer worry you.

Not only this, but neuroplastic interventions CALM your mind by creating new neural pathways.

Neuroplastic interventions were first discovered by a Spanish neuroscientist in the early 1900s.

He showed how your brain re-routes its signals when it’s damaged by establishing new neural pathways to circumvent the damaged area.

Let me tell you Adam’s inspirational story…

After a massive stroke, Adam was left unable to walk, talk or use his left arm. 

He spent three months in hospital before being allowed home in a wheelchair.

Adam suffered extreme anxiety over whether he would ever walk or talk again.

But neuroplastic interventions calmed his mind and created new neural pathways…

 …and he went from not being able to walk or talk…

…to winning a bronze and a silver medal representing Great Britain in his first-ever international shooting event.

So, in the same way that neuroplastic interventions helped Adam…

…you can reroute your false signals, so your mind is CALM.

And this means you sleep like a baby at night and wake up excited about your day ahead! 

In fact, neuroplastic interventions stop your negative thoughts for example:

When you feel like you are being judged all the time, even though you’re not.

Or when people laugh, and you immediately assume they are laughing at you, even though they’re not.

You see, neuroplastic interventions stop the brain filling in the gaps. 

Let me show you what I mean…

Take a look at these ordinary circles appearing on the screen.

Notice what you see when all of them become visible!

A cube, right? 

But the cube doesn’t exist at all, it’s just an illusion in your mind…

…because your brain is filling in the gaps.

Let me give you another example of the brain filling in the gaps.

Imagine you are walking through a beautiful forest and suddenly through the long grass… 

…you see a deadly snake

You start filling in the gaps thinking…

“The snake’s going to lunge at me, bite me and I’m going to die!”

Your heart pounds like crazy, your palms are sweaty, and you are frozen with fear. 

However, you take a closer look….

…and when you do, you realise that there’s NO SNAKE… ….it was just a ROPE!

In other words, it was a false threat

The moment you realise that the snake is a rope the threat is over…

…and your body is instantly CALM.

Just like Madeleine, a critical care worker in the UK.

She suffered with severe anxiety for over 30 years.

Madeleine had negative thoughts, because she constantly filled in gaps. 

But neuroplastic interventions prevented her from filling in gaps, and her negative thoughts stopped.

Madeleine now enjoys a calm anxiety-free life!  

Neuroplastic interventions STOP your negative thoughts, which means you see the world differently.

And your quality of life is exceptionally rich.

And it gets better…

Neuroplastic interventions stop your fear.

Because your fear of losing control, is actually your ‘fear of the fear’.

Let me share with you Lee’s story…

Lee is a highly successful businessman, but despite his success, he suffered terribly with anxiety. 

His biggest fear was losing control and having a full-blown panic attack.

He believed that his panic attacks would cause him to faint, lose control, have a heart attack or worse, die! 

But these were false threats.

Because wrongly, during a panic attack you assume you are going to faint. 

In fact, you faint due to low blood pressure. But when you’re having a panic attack your blood pressure actually goes UP!

Also, during a panic attack you experience shortness of breath…

…so you believe that you’re having a heart attack.

But in fact, the shortness of breath is caused by you taking in more air at that moment. 

So, Lee’s fear of having a panic attack was the exact trigger that caused them!

But neuroplastic interventions stopped his fear of losing control and as a result, he never had another panic attack again!

Neuroplastic interventions stop your ‘fear of the fear’ so YOU are in control…

…and have confidence to manage any situation like:

Going in elevators, or flying, or walking into large shopping centres. 

In fact, being confident in any situation that you previously avoided.

Neuroplastic Interventions Have Many Other Health Benefits!

Neuroplastic interventions have a positive effect on your energy levels and your life span

You see, the National Institute of Health identified that your anxiety causes over activity of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal, which regulates your energy levels

And this explains why your anxiety drains your energy.

In addition, Harvard Medical School found anxiety reduces your levels of the R.E.1 Silencing Transcription protein…

…known as ‘the REST’ protein.

And higher levels of ‘the REST’ protein are linked to higher life expectancy. 

So, the good news is…

…that neuroplastic interventions can raise your levels of ‘the REST’ protein, as well as boost your energy levels. 

And none of this requires medication!

Neuroplastic intervention is the only method that addresses the root cause of your anxiety. 

Whereas medication ONLY addresses your symptoms.

And that’s why Medication will never permanently solve your anxiety.

Plus, many anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants have harmful side-effects

Some exacerbate your anxiety and work against you. They even have black box warnings, from the (FDA), the USA, Food and Drug Administration.

Neuroplastic interventions permanently solve your problem WITHOUT the risk of any nasty side effects.

Neuroplastic Interventions Work Regardless of What You Believe!

What’s great is that neuroplastic interventions are easy to implement..

…even if you are cynical.

Or for some reason, don’t believe that you could change.

Your cynical thoughts won’t get in your way of becoming anxiety free, because beliefs are NOT facts.

They are merely a feeling of certainty that you’ve created over the years. 

In fact, deep-rooted beliefs can rapidly change, and I’ll prove that to you. Take a look at these white and grey squares.

Do you agree that they are white and grey squares?

Everyone normally agrees, because they are 100% certain…

…and that forms your belief.

But in fact, both squares are exactly the same colour.

Watch this… was filmed in real time and with no camera tricks.

Hopefully, that’s just changed your belief!

Because as I say, there are no camera tricks…

…it’s simply an optical illusion with the use of clever lighting!

This proves how your beliefs can change in a matter of seconds. 

So, if you’re cynical and thinking I can’t change…

…or it’s impossible to change…

…or neuroplastic interventions won’t work for me, now you know it’s simply not true!

Neuroplastic interventions work regardless of what you believe!

Neuroplastic interventions mean you lead a normal life without fear or worry. 

And you have more confidence and enhanced self-esteem. And that’s incredibly exciting because you are happy.

It’s Time for YOU to Take Action!

By now, you can see how and why neuroplastic Interventions are so effective at permanently eliminating your anxiety.

And you understand what makes it so powerful is…

…it’s ability to reroute the false threats, stop your negative thinking and calm your mind, so you finally stop worrying and are free from anxiety. 

In fact, my neuroplastic Intervention training has been so successful…

…that I receive requests for help from all over the world.

So, I’ve now created an online version of my one-to-one training called ‘The Serenity Method’.

It’s the only course in the world that teaches you how to implement neuroplastic Interventions.

And I will personally guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

This means, you can implement neuroplastic Interventions and be permanently free from anxiety forever.

The Serenity Method Has Over 95% Success Rate!

In an empirical study, over 95% of people who adopted ‘The Serenity Method’…

…were able to use neuroplastic interventions to permanently recover from their anxiety disorder in under 14 days.

Just like Hannah Smith who implemented neuroplastic interventions and is now anxiety free.

And just like professional musician, Julian Hamlin who had anxiety for more than 10 years and now feels completely different, after a decade of feeling stuck!

And Laura Adams told me that that it worked for her and she didn’t think anything would after 12 years of suffering!

So, just like Hannah, Julian and Laura…

…you experience a profound change that’s life changing. 

I’m an advocate of Mental Health Awareness

…especially right now, as there’s a lot of reasons to be anxious.

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They will hold your hand throughout the entire process…

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You will never feel alone, which is key. 

So, you have UNLIMITED one-to-one support for 30 days via our confidential private online consultation facility. 

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A life that gives you enjoyment, instead of despair. 

A life that excites you!

So, go ahead, get started now. Just click the button below and you are anxiety-free in under two weeks.


I just want to quickly go through some of the typical questions that I get asked.

Q: I’ve tried everything for my anxiety, will this work for me?

A: Most of the people that contact me have tried everything and have lost hope and believe their anxiety is too extreme to be cured.

But it doesn’t matter how extreme your anxiety is, or how many years you have suffered. Because neuroplastic interventions is the only method that permanently cures your anxiety.

 Q: Can this help with OCD?

A: Yes, absolutely it works on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), as well as:

GAD, (General Anxiety Disorder), Panic Disorder, Health and Social Anxiety, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Plus, it can help with phobias including Emetophobia, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and other anxiety disorders. 

Q: There is a lot of free information online, why should I pay for this?

A: Well, what I would say to that is… If you are here listening to me, then most likely that free information wasn’t enough to permanently overcome your anxiety!

Information alone is not sufficient, you need someone to teach you a specific technique, that is scientifically proven to work.
If someone reads a book on removing anxiety, it doesn’t make them an expert! 

I have taught neuroplastic interventions to over 10,000 people, so I know it WORKS!

Q: Is this a one-time payment?

A: Yes, absolutely. There are NO recurring fees!

Q: Where can I find your TV shows?

A: Below you will find a compilation of clips from my TV shows.

You will see me working with people with extreme anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, all under the scrutiny of TV cameras!

There is also a clip of the ‘fear of flying’ course, which was featured on Good Morning Britain.


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Watch Lawrence on Good Morning Britain on ITV, Helping Flying Phobics Conquer Their Fear


I had a crippling fear of anxiety attacks for years. But this course has absolutely 100% changed my life!

Thank you so much to Lawrence, for changing my life for the better.

Charlotte Beardsmore

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I would recommend the course to ANYONE. Lawrence is an absolute star! Thank you.

Georgia Richardson

My fear used to make me physically sick, shake, sweat and have a panic attack. I cannot emphasize enough this course is a must if you suffer from any sort of anxiety or panic attacks.

Margaret Old

The course was unbelievable for me, Lawrence’s technique has changed my experience totally!

Usually I would panic…but I just remembered what was said about my fear (that I’m in control of it) I cannot thank you enough I’m so so happy.

Ryan Hodgkinson

I was sceptical and thought this would not work for me, but I had to try. Lawrence is amazing.

Usually I get tearful and adrenaline kicks in and I shake uncontrollably. This time was very different; I had no fear at all. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. It has changed the way I think.

Alice Wilsdon

I have had serious anxiety attacks, but the course was brilliant. It was both very informative and based on scientific evidence.

It was invaluable and I can highly recommend this course.
Thank you!

Josephine Chapman

I’ve just done the course, and it was amazing – life-changing!!

Lawrence has given me the mental tools to go forward.

Thank you from me, and from my husband and family.

Lucy Blackburn

I thought the course was amazing as it helped me to overcome my fear.

Lawrence’s technique was life changing. Thank you!

Sophia Cobby

Lawrence has some amazing techniques to truly change the way you think and the way you behave.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone. It’s been life changing for me

Michaela O’Hara

Oh my god, dunno quite what Lawrence did to me, but I have NO FEAR today it was amazing.

I had no knots in my tummy, no panicky feeling what-so-ever. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be like that.

Denise Cox

Lawrence Leyton! What a legend!! He is so good at what he does!

As long as you go into this with 100% focus on conquering your fear of panic attacks and get involved in the techniques…IT WILL WORK!

Trust me; I’m a massive sceptic on these things, but it worked!

Jonathan Foulkes

IT WORKS!!!! Lawrence Leyton’s skill and his mind tools helped me overcome my irrational fears and turn all my negative thoughts into positive ones.

A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so grateful and can’t stop smiling.

Barry Scott