New Anxiety Hacking” Method Ends
Anxiety for Thousands

I want to tell you about a new breakthrough method that’s helping thousands of people to permanently recover from any type of anxiety disorder.

It’s called ‘Anxiety Hacking’ and as the name suggests it hacks your unconscious mind because this is where your anxiety manifests. But don’t worry this has nothing to do with hypnosis, surgery, medication, or any type of medical procedure. 

Anxiety Hacking is far superior to CBT or any other form of talking therapy because those therapies don’t stop unwanted thoughts, they just make you acutely aware of them, whereas when you hack your unconscious mind, you can stop them and that means you can finally be happy.

The point is if you could consciously stop your anxiety, then you would have done it already. So endlessly talking about your anxiety or hoping your unwanted thoughts will just go away is just naive.

The only way to stop them is to hack your unconscious mind, and that’s something that anyone can learn to do, no matter how severe your anxiety disorder is.

But we’re all human and some anxiety is perfectly normal, as we all worry about things from time to time, but when that worry stops you sleeping and functioning on a day-to-day level, then that’s NOT normal.

So, when I talk about anxiety recovery it’s every day being able to go to sleep moments after your head rests on that pillow and waking up happy, with a smile on your face, springing out of bed with energy instead of completely fatigued and dreading your day ahead and feeling like you can’t cope anymore.

Anxiety recovery is you being optimistic about your future and feeling like you could do all the things that you’ve avoided for so long, such as walking into a crowded shopping centre and enjoying trying on new clothes, or going to a concert with your friends and creating life-long memories together, or being confident walking into someone’s home and enjoying speaking with new people at a party.

And Anxiety Hacking is the fastest and most effective way for you to achieve that. I’ll tell you more about it in just a moment.

My name is Lawrence Leyton, and you might have seen me many times on TV demonstrating my unique anxiety techniques, from general anxiety to panic attacks as well as phobias where for example, I took people from here:

So, as you can see, anxiety is my area of expertise. But I know right now you’re sceptical because you’ve tried so many methods in the past, you’re battle weary, and scared to give anything a try, because you don’t want to fail again because that’s painful, disappointing, and disheartening.     

I totally understand that, but that’s like saying if I get divorced there’s no point in starting another relationship because it just won’t work. You can’t possibly compare your old relationship to a new one, as every relationship is different.  

So, even if you’ve tried everything else in the past and are now understandably cynical…don’t make any knee-jerk assumptions, keep your mind open and listen to what I’m about to share with you, because if you do, then you can genuinely recover from your anxiety in a very short space of time!

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