And targeting the root cause is the only way to permanently recover from your anxiety disorder. And thanks to the University College of London, we now understand what the root cause is.

They discovered using an MRI brain scan, that the fear centre of your brain, which is called the amygdala, is hyperactive in anxiety sufferers. 

So, therefore just talking about your anxiety is never going to fix it and instead you need to hack your unconscious mind and stop the amygdala from becoming hyperactive in the first place.

So how do we do that? Through Neuro Intervention.

Neuro Intervention, or Neuroplastic Intervention to give it it’s full definition, builds on the major discovery by a Spanish neuroscientist in the early 1900s.

He proved how your brain adapts when it gets badly damaged for example after a stroke or car accident.

You see, the brain adapts by bypassing the damaged area and creating new pathways. And that’s exactly how people miraculously learn to walk and talk again after severe brain damage.

One way to visualise it, is to imagine a train track, where the train can be diverted by simply switching the track, so the train ends up at a different destination.

Train track

So you’ll learn how to create a new pathway using a Neuro Intervention, and divert the old one, so your brain switches from hyperactive to relaxed.


And once you stop the amygdala from becoming hyperactive that means your mind is calm instead of spinning like a washing machine at high speed. And this was Hannah’s experience… 

This was life-changing for Hannah and she now wakes up energised, and as she prepares her breakfast, she gets excited about her life instead of having a constant feeling of dread and despair…you’ll hear more from Hannah in just a moment.

The other reason why this Anxiety Hacking is so effective is because…