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It’s called ‘Anxiety Hacking’ as the name suggests it hacks your unconscious mind because this is where your anxiety manifests.

But don’t worry this has nothing to do with hypnosis, surgery, medication, or any type of medical procedure.

Anxiety Hacking is far superior to CBT or any other form of talking therapy because those therapies don’t stop unwanted thoughts, they just make you acutely aware of them…

…whereas when you hack your unconscious mind, you can stop them and that means you can finally be happy.

The point is if you could consciously stop your anxiety, then you would have done it already.

So just endlessly talking about your anxiety or hoping your unwanted thoughts will just go away is just naive.


And that's something that anyone can learn to do, no matter how severe your anxiety is.

But we’re all human and some anxiety is perfectly normal, as we all worry about things from time to time, but when that worry stops you sleeping and functioning on a day-to-day level, then that’s NOT normal.

So, when I talk about anxiety recovery it’s every day being able to sleep moments after your head rests on that pillow and waking up happy, with a smile on your face…

…springing out of bed with energy instead of completely fatigued and dreading your day ahead and feeling like you can’t cope anymore.

Anxiety recovery is you being optimistic about your future and feeling like you could do all the things that you’ve avoided for so long, such as walking into a crowded shopping centre…

…and enjoying trying on new clothes or going to a concert with your friends and creating life-long memories together or being confident walking into someone’s home and enjoying speaking with new people at a party.

Anxiety Hacking is the Fasted and Most Effective
Way for You to Achieve That.

My name is Lawrence Leyton, and you might have seen me many times on TV demonstrating my unique anxiety techniques, from general anxiety to panic attacks as well as phobias where for example, I took people...



So, as you can see, anxiety is my area of expertise. But I know right now you’re sceptical because you’ve tried so many methods in the past, you’re battle weary, and scared to give anything a try…

…because you don’t want to fail again because that’s painful, disappointing, and disheartening.

I totally understand that, but that’s like saying if I get divorced there’s no point in starting another relationship because it just won’t work.

You can’t possibly compare your old relationship with a new one, as every relationship is different.

So, even if you’ve tried everything else in the past and are now understandably cynical…

…don’t make any knee-jerk assumptions, keep your mind open and listen to what I’m about to share with you, because if you do, then you can genuinely recover from your anxiety in a very short space of time!

The Reason Why Anxiety Hacking is So Effective is Because it Targets the Root Cause of Your Anxiety

Which is the only way to permanently recover from your anxiety disorder.

And thanks to the University College of London, we now understand what the root cause is.

They discovered using an MRI brain scan, that the fear centre of your brain, which is called the amygdala, is hyperactive in anxiety sufferers. 

So, therefore just talking about your anxiety is never going to fix it and instead you need to hack your unconscious mind and stop the amygdala from becoming hyperactive in the first place.

So how do we do that? Through Neuro Intervention.

Neuro Intervention, or neuroplastic intervention to give it it’s full definition, builds on the major discovery by a Spanish neuroscientist in the early 1900s.

He proved how your brain adapts when it gets badly damaged for example after a stroke or car accident.

You see, the brain adapts by bypassing the damaged area and creating new pathways.

And that’s exactly how people miraculously learn to walk and talk again after severe brain damage.

One way to visualise it,is to imagine a train track, where they can divert the train by simply switching the track, so the train ends up at a different destination.

So, you’ll learn how to create a new pathway using a Neuro Intervention, and divert the old one, so your brain switches from hyperactive to relaxed.

And once you stop the amygdala from becoming hyperactive that means your mind is calm instead of spinning like a washing machine at high speed.

And this was Hannah’s experience…

This was life-changing for Hannah, and she now wakes up energised, and as she prepares her breakfast, she gets excited about her life instead of having a constant feeling of dread and despair.

The Other Reason Why this Anxiety Hacking is so Effective is Because it Stops Unnecessary Worry

As I’ve mentioned before some worry is perfectly normal, but when you suffer with an anxiety disorder you create false threats…

…and false threats cause you to worry unnecessarily about events in the future that haven’t even happened yet.

Or you worry unnecessarily because you’ve made stuff up in your head, for example imagining that people are laughing at you even though they’re not…

…or imagining that people are judging you all the time, even when they’re not!

This worry isn’t rational it’s irrational because it doesn’t exist apart from in your head, and it’s exhausting…

…and not only this, but it also causes an increase in your cortisol levels, which escalates your anxiety even further.

And if You Worry About Things that Might Never Happen, that’s Like Walking Around with an
Umbrella Waiting for it to Rain!

But if you hack your unconscious mind, you can validate if the threat is real or whether it’s made up, in other words a false threat.

And the moment you consciously realise that it’s a false threat it’s impossible to keep worrying so all unnecessary worry stops.

Let me give you an example of what I mean…

I want you to imagine that you are walking through a beautiful forest and suddenly through the long grass you see a deadly snake. 

You start imagining the worst-case scenario…

“The snake’s going to lunge at me, bite me and I’m going to die!”

Your heart pounds like crazy, your palms are sweaty, and you are frozen with fear. 

However, you take a closer look….and when you do, you realise that there’s NO SNAKE…

….it was just a ROPE!

But because you saw the rope as a snake, that triggered a fear response inside of you, but the moment you realise that the snake is a rope the threat is over, and your body is instantly relaxed and it’s impossible to worry about it anymore.

Most people are not even aware of what’s going on in their head, and that’s exactly why you need hack your unconscious mind…

…because as I’ve said before if you could consciously solve your anxiety disorder, you would have done so already.

So, you’ll learn how to validate if the threat is real or not, and once you realise that it’s a false threat then the game is over.

In other words, you’ll see the rope rather than the snake and all your unnecessary worry stops!

And this one technique made a huge difference to professional musician, Julian Hamlin’s life.

Julian experienced profound change and you will too, which means instead of always seeing the worst-case scenario and worrying about things ahead of time…

…you walk in your office and are confident in that meeting instead of seeing yourself fall to pieces.

Or you walk into that party and confidently introduce yourself to everyone, instead of seeing yourself hiding nervously in the corner.

The Good News is that Anxiety Hacking
is Permanent

You see most other methods just suppress your symptoms. Sure, talking about your anxiety can be helpful, but only on a temporary basis. It’s like having a massage, you feel great at the time, but a few hours later your aches and pains just come back.

Medication is the same as it’s just supressing your symptoms and what you might not know is that many anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants have harmful side-effects. 

They even have black box warnings from the (FDA), the USA, Food and Drug Administration.

So, the only way to achieve permanent anxiety recovery is to work under the surface, and I mean that in a literal sense.

Think of the analogy of an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg that you can see raised above the water represents your conscious mind.

But by far the largest part of the iceberg is submerged below the water and this represents your unconscious mind, and this where change starts.

As, I’ve mentioned many times before, if you could consciously stop your anxiety, then you would have done it by now.

And this is because you’re trying to make those changes on the surface, at the tip of the iceberg and at that level it’s never going to be permanent only temporary.

The only way to make change permanent, is to hack your unconscious mind and make the changes below the surface.

And the reason why, is because our unconscious mind is in control of everything we do, for example, our sight, our hearing, our sense of smell touch and taste…

…as well as everything we feel and experience. We are just not aware of it.

What I mean by that is, we don’t have to consciously give a command to the brain to see or to hear, or to breathe…

…it’s just happening automatically at an unconscious level.

So, your unconscious brain is your command centre and once you feed it the correct instructions change happens fast and it’s permanent.

And that’s the reason why Anxiety Hacking is so superior to anything else, and this is exactly what Wendy will tell you.

Wendy told me that after 35 years of suffering with extreme palpitations they vanished within 24 hours, and they’ve never come back since.

So now when she steps onto a train, or plane or walks into a crowded shopping centre…

…instead of feeling like she’s about to have a heart attack, she has a smile on her face and enjoys travelling or going shopping with her friends.

So, by now, you can see how and why Anxiety Hacking is so effective at permanently eliminating your anxiety.

And you understand what makes it so powerful is because…

  • It deals with the root cause of your anxiety by preventing your brain from becoming hyperactive in the first place.

  • It stops all your unnecessary worry.

  • And most importantly, it’s permanent.

I’ve taught these techniques to thousands of people with anxiety and it’s been so successful that I receive requests from all over the world to teach them.

Which is why I created an online version of my one-to-one training called ‘The Serenity Method’.

It’s the only course in the world that teaches Anxiety Hacking.

So instead of overthinking everything and feeling overwhelmed and sick to your stomach, your mind will finally feel calm and relaxed.

And you will be relieved that you can finally get to sleep shortly after you rest your head on that pillow, instead of just tossing and turning all night.

And instead of waking up with unwanted negative thoughts, and completely dreading your day ahead, you wake up with a feeling of optimism and exhilaration…

…and totally energised because suddenly you see a world of possibilities instead of despair.

Just like Hannah, Julian, and Wendy…who were ALL able to achieve profound change in as little as 14 days.

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So, for instance, the next time you enter a crowded shopping centre instead of panicking and looking around for the nearest exit, you smile at the other shoppers as you pass them by.

Plus, I’ll also give you my panic attack talk-down programme, so you can download the key steps of the P.R.O.P. technique to your phone, so you have it when you most need it.

So, as just one example…in the 5 minutes before you step onto a plane, you can listen to this audio and instead of holding onto the seat with white knuckles…

…you instead can have a conversation with the person in the next seat and enjoy the journey.

And because sleep is one of the biggest aids to anxiety recovery, I’m also including my unique sleep training system.

So instead of lying-in bed desperately trying to sleep and getting frustrated, you fall asleep moments after your head rests on that pillow every single night.

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And lastly, I’m also including my special breathing training because breathing can have a positive impact on your health…

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So, instead of feeling down in the dumps, depressed and not yourself, you’ll go to work and people will tell you that you are smiling more, looking healthier and full of self-confidence.

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