Hi, my name is Sarah, and this is my story of how I fought back and won against severe anxiety.

My anxiety was completely ruling and ruining my life, I couldn’t do anything at all because I was constantly scared, I was not able to work, and I was often tearful.

Anxiety stopped me from being the real me and shattered my confidence, affecting all areas of my life, work, and social situation.

I couldn’t stop overthinking everything in my life and negatively thinking all the time.

I had issues getting to sleep, and most nights even if I could get to sleep, I would wake up in the middle of the night, so I was totally sleep deprived which was like a living nightmare.

My anxiety made me avoid things and stopped me from trying new opportunities, because I was fearful of everything and fearful of the future and so it prevented me from reaching my full potential in life.

It took away the joy I used to feel for simple everyday things, and I was exhausted all the time, constantly worrying and churning ‘What if’ thoughts in my head…it was, to be frank, unbearable and made my life miserable.

But there is a happy ending to my story you will be glad to know, as my sister who was always on the lookout for how she could help me, saw an article online about an anxiety expert who developed a totally new approach to anxiety recovery.

I did some research on social media and saw many people who were just like me being helped by this approach.

His name was Lawrence Leyton and he’s based in the UK, but he helps people from all over the world. 

He calls his approach Anxiety Hacking’ and I can vouch that it’s totally different from CBT, NLP, hypnosis, EMDR, and all other forms of talking therapy.

I can only describe his techniques as lifesaving!

He taught me how to go from not wanting to wake up in the morning to looking forward to getting up and going to work and I was once again enjoying simple things in life like meeting up with my friends and going shopping.

I was massively sceptical at first, as nothing had worked for me in the past, so my guard was up, but I have to say that this was a totally different experience, and therefore I wanted to share my story.

Because if I can be helped then so can you, because I felt my anxiety was untreatable and that no one could help me, but that was simply not the case.

And now my life is filled with fun laughter and lots of happiness. 

Below is a link to a free video from Lawrence explaining what ‘Anxiety Hacking’ is and how it helps with any type of anxiety disorder.

Best of luck and take care!

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